VALIENT THORR summer tour print

if you want something done best do it yourself!
this poster gave me a shit ton of problems. the plan for this print from the start was to be large. i did not have screens large enuff to print the desired size. so i used 3 screens from my good friend TODD HERMAN. i did this print before i had my exposure i employeed a local screen printer to burn my screens and told them this needs to be done ASAP. well...2 weeks later i got a fone call from them say'n they burnt holes in my screen..WTF!! i'm already strapped for time and out of screens. how the fuck do you burn a hole in a screen? so i had to take a day of vacation and drive 4 hours to STEVE WALTERS SCREWBALL PRESS in CHICAGO. i got the posters done..but it was a day late for VT's tour. luckly i have some great connections. i sent the posters overnite ups to MIKE THRASHER (i did some work for him in the past) and he was kind enuff to past the posters along to VT.