Lagwagon Print

 I love Screen Printed Posters, I love Punk Rock and I Love making Punk Rock Posters. So when when my buddy Tom J (Promoter of this show) asked if I would like to make a Print for this event, I said "of course silly, this is going to RULE!!"

 Back to the love of print making. I just don't love the finished product of a quality screen printed poster, I love the entire journey. From drawing to printing the positives to getting the screen burned just right. This print was a fun journey and I had some help from my friends Mike (Burned and washed out the screens) and Todd ( he has a wealth of knowledge and I always learn something from him).

This print is 22' x 28", 3 colors, Signed and Numbered. Limited run of 100.

I will have a merch table at the show and will be selling them for $15.
Burned Screen for the Teal.
Checking the registration with the printed positives.
Todd: setting up the 3rd layer of ink.
 I used Teal and Black dots next to each other to give the image the illusion of being blue from a distance.
There is no reason why this guy has a "DIRECT HIT" pin on his vest.....I like DIRECT HIT.
Here I used thin black lines to make the Boombox look grey from a distance.