Riot Fest or Sloppy Mud Fest? Yeah, it rained on Friday and pretty much made the entire park a giant mub puddle for the entire weekend. Riot Fest was alot different this year from the past couple of years. RF to me was all about PUNK ROCK and it was a fest for lovers of punk. This year RF had larger acts and brought in more people. In the past RF showd new punk talent like OFF WITH THERE HEADS and DIRECT HIT while bringing in the old dudes that still rock like THE DICKIES and DECENDENTS. Although the RF was super packed and you had to stand a mile away to see FACE TO FACE, it was still fun.

SAMIAM. this was the band that I had to see that weekend.

I know i'm punk but.....WU Tang killed it.

SUPERCHUNK. Awesome set!!!

Muddy Shoes.

Me and Daryl from the BOLLWEEVILS.

To survive any music fest you need to:

1- Sit down when you can. (it's going to be a long day of walking around, moshing and standing in lines. rest when you can)

2- Rest in the shade. ( it's not like there's tree's in the middle of the crowd for everybody to enjoy. If you need to sit, find shade and get out of the sun)

 3- STAY HYDRATED!!! (If you can fit a bottle of booze in your pants, you can bring it in the park. For some reason we got padded down on Sunday so I had to throw my bottle over the fence to find it later.)