Myself and 2 of my friends (George and Clancy) started a lil project where we design&print casual gear for the cycling comunitty. We are calling our gig BIKE BREW... We were lucky enough to team up with FAT-BIKE. COM to design and print a shirt that is for sale on there website.


This was a fun tee to design. We wanted to get the effect of a real looking tred mark from a fat bike. taking pictures of the prints that were left in the sand did not give us the quality of the detail that we were looking for. So we put on a thick layer of acrylic ink on the tire of the Fat bike and rolled it across some poster board, We then took some pics of the print and brought those images into a drawing program to design and print the tee. The Bike tred is printed to scale.

check out http://fat-bike.com/ for all of your FAT BIKE needs and wants.