Mustard Plug Screen Print

i got hooked up with Tom J, he promotes kick ass shows in Green Bay at the Crunchy Frog. This is my first screen print job in a long time. I am very stoked to do a poster for these bands!! this show is going to rule!!!

getting ready and mix'n the inks.

apply baby oil to the paper. this will let the light from the exposer unit go through and burn the screen leaving the black positive area to stay soft to wash out for the image that you want to print.

 I re-screened my old frames with fresh mesh. what i thought turned out to be a good job, proved to be a wreck later...i did not pull the screens tight enough.

 after you burn the screen, wash out all the unexposed emulsion, let air dry, tape off the frame (this will ensure that you will not get any unwanted ink on your paper or in the edge of you frame. 

 mark you reg and get printing.

let air dry after each press.

 repeat to the next color.

 my screens got a lil loose and made the bottom of the print look like poo. here's the finished print. these will be for sale at the show for $10.
 why did i draw a dude with horns? this is for a ska show... ska bands have horns...DUH!!!