iv'e been a fan of silverstein for a while and only seen them a hand full of times. i met some of the dudes a few years back when they were on tour with rise against and come back kid. I did a poster for that show when the tour hit green bay, wi. so when paul said he would be down to see something drawn up for this tour, i was super stoked.

  here is a shitty pic of the printed poster. the colors on this print are vibrant and the purple really pops of the black paper.
i may need a new camera.

oh yeah... this is my favorite print that i did sofar. i'm happy with the artwork / hand drawn type style and i got the reg on lock for this print. plus it's for SILVERSTEIN.....DUH!

and.....i did print this with a broken wrist but my cast held up and it ended up being all good.