dude... this show is going to kick so much ass!!! actually, it's 2 shows. that's right, back to back nites @ the HOB in the windy city. the only crappy thing about this is.. i can only go to the saturday nite show (it's cool..i'll take what i can get). this line up is so insane! all of these bands rule!!  iv'e seen HWM a shit ton of times...and they killed it everytime. it's kinda weird that i've been listening to NAKED RAYGUN since i was a kid and never seen them. so this show is going to be extra special for me. i'm feel'n a little gitty,almost like a pre-teen girl going to see the jonas brothers...kinda...maybe? anyways.....
this is an honor to design and print this poster for these fine folks. please stop by the merch table and pick one up.
  this will be a 3 color limited edition screen print (black pearl, apple green and some kind of blue that i need to create) on black stock.



if you don't have kids or been around any that are the ages of 6-10yrs old... you have to sneak into a school and check out the art room or any art that they have in the hallways. the talent and how little kids veiw the world with their art is crazy.
  here is my 4 yr old son and pic that he drew. when i asked what the subject matter of this awesome drawing is, he said it was me. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. i will not question that or ask about the red area around my manhood.

more goods for DRAGGEDbyHORSES

  it's pretty damn rewarding when you have fun drawing crap for bands that you are into and haveing them love the crap you do. here is a tee and 2 button designs i did for DbH. the shirt is being modeled by the super hot melissa marks. (she's going to kick my ass for that...oh well) 


I am very proud to anounce that CEASE ROBOT & NO GUTS NO GLORY will team up in the near future to produce  some sort of collabration. We have no idea what we are going to do yet. Maybe a gigposter...maybe an artprint?? I am more than certain this is going to kick ass! Tamara is sooooo crazy good!! Now stop reading this crap and check out her site.

HOLY CRAP!! the CEASE ROBOT banner and info is posted in
VROMANSKATEBOARDING is a site that WISCONSIN photographer and filmer NATE THEISS put together. this site features photos and mini vids of some of WISCONSINS best skateboarding. there is a pic of myself on this site....only i'm not skate'n....i'm a little drunk...thanks dude!!

DRAGGbyHORSES, WORRIER & THE LONELY SOUND put on the best show in the northwoods of wisconsin ever!!!

if you never heard any of these best get your listen on!!  

YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE DRAGGEDbyHORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after DRAGGEDbyHORSES killed it in the north woods, it was time for them to go back home to HUMBOLT, CA. I thought cali was to the looks like chris knows a short cut.

technology is crazy these days

it's nucking futs to think about all the super advanced technology that we have at our fingertips to produce the fastest and brightest art . there are a shit ton of drawing programs out there in the world today. converting images to half tones, sepia tone, black and white line art, inside out..ect...ect... don't get me wrong, i'm down with the tech. i have a HP SCANJET 6300C scanner that converts my art directly to a vector format. this scans in every line, bump and dust to a tee. it doesn't round anything out. it's fuck'n awsome!!
 the key tool for make'n prints for me is to trace my drawings (try to clean up lines and unwanted images) by useing this 20yr old tracing table (it's my wife's from when she was a kid).


I LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY TIME I SCREEN PRINT.....sometimes it's about screen printing....sometimes it's about myself

for THE FALL OF TROY 2008 spring tour poster I learned that it is very hard to print 3 colors on 200 posters in one nite.
why didn't anyone tell me that shit before i started???

sk8'n in the northwoods of wisconsin when it's 35 degrees outside is awesome!!!

guess the trick and you could win a CEASE ROBOT SK8BOARD "if i ever make them"...someday...maybe?????

graphics on skateboards should be screen printed

this is my good friend "Chip DeLam" with some of his examples of what screen printed graphics look like...fuck that heat transfer shit!!

it's called a grand royal with cheese cause of the metric system

here is a print that i designed for CHUCK RAGAN and his friends for their european tour. chuck said this print should be around 18" x 24"..... and it was. they did not want to bring a shit ton of posters to europe so i seperated the art and sent the files to chucks booking agent in europe. they had a screen printing co. print the posters. now keep in mind the files that i sent were to scale but the european printer might have messed up just a little bit. the posters ended up being 2' x 3'. HELL YEAH! that's awesome!!
 you know what europens like to eat on there fries? mayo...they drown them in that shit.

sometimes it's the little details that add alot to prints

here is a close up of a print that i did for STRUNG OUT. this was pressed on textured card stock. not all of the ink hit the stock in the same place.

VALIENT THORR summer tour print

if you want something done best do it yourself!
this poster gave me a shit ton of problems. the plan for this print from the start was to be large. i did not have screens large enuff to print the desired size. so i used 3 screens from my good friend TODD HERMAN. i did this print before i had my exposure i employeed a local screen printer to burn my screens and told them this needs to be done ASAP. well...2 weeks later i got a fone call from them say'n they burnt holes in my screen..WTF!! i'm already strapped for time and out of screens. how the fuck do you burn a hole in a screen? so i had to take a day of vacation and drive 4 hours to STEVE WALTERS SCREWBALL PRESS in CHICAGO. i got the posters done..but it was a day late for VT's tour. luckly i have some great connections. i sent the posters overnite ups to MIKE THRASHER (i did some work for him in the past) and he was kind enuff to past the posters along to VT.

oooooooohhhhhhh yyeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh booooooooyyyy!!!!!!! ME AND FLAV ARE SO STOKED THAT THE CEASE ROBOT SITE IS FINALLY UP.

yo..what time is it? FLAV KNOWS!! dude. i meet flav in las vegoose. he gives off the most craziest energy...everybody just feeds off that shit!! 

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