this just might be my favorite print to date. the reg and color are on lock. 2 tone blue on 100% wisconsin recycled paper.


the good people over at volcom entertainment asked me to design and print up some posters for some of there UK shows. This print promotes the few shows that MASTODON & VALIENT THORR will be play'n together.

now go crack the skye thorriers

MAMMA, I'M SWOLLEN....from print'n 4 colors

the idea behind this print was to the artwork look like a sketch that was done on a note pad. i think it turned out well and i'm stoked on the detail of the bird. this is my 1st 4 color print.

cursive just dropped a new album "mamma, i'm swollen"


ah has come to this. the digital age has forced us to embrace what we have taken for granted for the past billion years.... that's right "RECORD STORES".
 this is truley a wonderful day for music collecters all over. a ton of artist are going to release rare and never before released tunes form the likes of BOB DYLAN, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, SLAYER and a chit ton more. MODEST MOUSE will drop a 7" every few weeks before the release of there new EP. and...i'm really look'n forward to pick'n up the 10" live album from THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM.

please go out on APRIL, 18th and support your local indie record store.

aaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh....MBD print

here is a print for MURDER BY DEATH'S spring tour...
canary yellow stock with 3 color print. check the bottom of the print. instead of have'n the citys and dates...only the names of the venue.


 this design was going to be printed on a poster for MBD's canada tour. but MBD thought it would look best on a tee and i agree. this will only be available on girly tee's...sorry dudes.

are you laughing at me tee shirt template? i is kinda funny. pic of the real tee coming soon.


 iv'e been a fan of silverstein for a while and only seen them a hand full of times. i met some of the dudes a few years back when they were on tour with rise against and come back kid. I did a poster for that show when the tour hit green bay, wi. so when paul said he would be down to see something drawn up for this tour, i was super stoked.

  here is a shitty pic of the printed poster. the colors on this print are vibrant and the purple really pops of the black paper.
i may need a new camera.

oh yeah... this is my favorite print that i did sofar. i'm happy with the artwork / hand drawn type style and i got the reg on lock for this print. plus it's for SILVERSTEIN.....DUH!

and.....i did print this with a broken wrist but my cast held up and it ended up being all good.


    i don't think that chadd had really anything to do with me breaking my wrist. or maybe he did. he was film'n me at the time for the new F.O.G video. hopefully the video will drop soon or by the end of 09. this video will showcase the best skateboarding from north eastern wisconsin. there is a kick ass intro that my friend KOUBA aka "the professor"  designed for the vid by useing his mad video illo tech skillz.
  my broke'n wrist really slowed things down here at the cease robot art studio. hopefully this will heal quickly and i can get the ball roll'n again with printing and other crap.
 til then my friends....stay metal and stay healthy!!


being a collector and a printer, i love the entire piece of art and i love the details even more. here are some of mine.

here's the most recent print i did for THE BLACK LIPS show in milwaukee. the white fibers that you see are from the 100% recycled paper that i use. this paper is BLACK but looks grey on the pic


you gotta see this print in real life. i'm super stoked on how it turned out.

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM....again...white fibers=poo picture

BANG BANG on textured card tock

and here is a detailed image of a print that i may do in the very near future.....i hope

LESS THAN JAKE super duper limited print

 there will only be a small amount of this print ran. first come...first serve. so when you get to the venue..... make sure you run past the bar and go straight to the merch table to pick one of these up.

we are all "BAD KIDS"

if you are going to do a colabrative print with someone, make sure that they are way better at draw'n crap than you are (that way you can mooch off there skillz). here is a poster that is designed by Tamara from NO GUTS NO GLORY and myself. although this project was kinda rushed, it was still really fun to work with her.  we may do a "artprint" together in the future.

 this poster was also selected as POSTER OF THE WEEK on



 i went sk8'n last nite w/ a few friends and we took a few pics. i wanted to get a good pic of my friend chad doing a front50nosegrab down the escalater in the bowl. since i was lay'n in the bottom of the bowl, i kindly asked chad not to hit me. of course..he bails from his 1st attempt and torpedos his board straight into brown eye. WTF!!!!! and if that wasn't enuff...he later through a wheel at me and hit me in the face.


me-bank to curb blunt slide


the UK/EUROPE is going to get rocked

here is a poster that i designed for THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM's uk/european tour. you would think the image would have that "59" look. yeah i know...right. i am lucky enough to stick to my own style and and have TGA and their manager all be down with this print.
 we all know that TGA kicks ass, but have you ever listened to FRANK TURNER or POLAR BEAR CLUB? ooohhhhhhh man, you gotta give those guys a spin. sooo good. those peeps in europe are going to get rocked so hard. maybe i can ship myself with the posters to europe. you would think all i need is a few packets of sugar,bottleed water and an adult diaper. oh yeah, i'm going. see ya in portsmouth uk.


ahhhhh yeah. we picked this bad boy up last summer from some jawas. they said it was r2d2's in-bred uncle.( whatever man... you don't have to name drop with me) this doesn't perform half the things that r2 can,but..they did say if you put some mud in it and turn it on, it will make the mud hard. hell yeah son!! i'm sold!
 i am very stoked to have this in my family's art studio. i'm going to make throwing stars, clay wheels for my skateboard and car, and a bunch of other crap. my wife makes some pretty cool stuff with glass and i'll link up her artcrap later.


sometimes it's easier to print a poster than to ship UPS.....i'll tell ya later about dat chit.

i printed this image on only 3 sheets of magenta for funzies ( and sold 2 at the show). i'm still feel'n the black a little more.
 sorry for the fuzzy weird look'n's tuff as shit to take a picture of a print that is laced full of metallic ink.

 this show ruled, chicago rules, all the people that i hung out with (new and old) ruled, i guess that nite ruled.
it looks like NAKED RAYGUN is going to rerelease all six full length albums on wax. they had the first 3 at the show and they are limited edition and hand #. sooooo get yo wax on danielson.

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